Savant Success Story: Dynamic Yield & Chal-Tec

After presenting together an interesting Case Study on stage at Savant eCommerce Berlin earlier this year, we had the pleasure of interviewing Anoop Vasisht, GM Europe of Dynamic Yield, and Philipp Schröder, former Conversion Manager of Chal-Tec. We wanted to understand how their collaboration evolved and how partners like DY can help retailers in gaining boosts of traffic and revenues through personalisation.
Download the full case study here to discover in detail how Chal-Tec increased of 27% the conversion rate!

Philipp, what were the reasons behind becoming a multi-category shop? What were the challenges Chal-Tech was facing before collaborating with DY?

Chal-Tec started as an eBay seller in 2005 and then in 2006, was launched. In the beginning, we were focused only on DJ and event equipment, but since 2008, the product range has expanded. We introduced “Auna” for Hi-fi and electronics, “Klarstein” for kitchen tools and household appliances, as well as “Capital Sports” for sports and fitness equipment. It was a good decision to also incorporate those brands into Elektronik-Star because the shop had outstanding performance. But the multi-category shop concept became outdated when Amazon established its marketplace. Chal-Tec operates in 21 countries, and today we can see the conversion gap from our multi-category shops in countries where the eCommerce giant is established. 

Our first reaction to seeing a constant decrease in conversions was to begin A/B testing. We worked with a few classic testing tools, but besides a few quick wins, we weren’t able to find a solution for our heterogeneous based of customers. Classic A/B testing means finding a solution for the average user, and that didn’t go far beyond heuristics and common sense. And deployment for than 30 shops took up so much valuable time.

If you want to treat your customers right, you need to recognize and cater to them as individuals.

This became obvious after one year of testing, and that we needed a personalization engine – one with the ability to recommend products most suitable to each visitor and activate features or designs for specific audiences. 

Anoop, how did DY manage to tackle these challenges? Could you tell us more about Multi-Touch Campaign solution? 

Understanding how important it was for Chal-Tec to really create a specialized niche-like experience for unique audiences visiting its multi-category site, we suggested experimenting with our Multi-Touch Campaigns. With this capability, their team could drive changes and test the entire website journey for key customer segments within a single campaign – this can include multiple pages and content elements, offers, notifications, contextual nudges, product recommendations, and more. Using Multi-Touch Campaigns, Chal-Tec camouflaged every element of the original website, tailoring the homepage, logo, navigation menu, and more, creating a sub-shop experience for its DJ lovers segment. This dedicated experience resulted in the DJ lovers segment performing 37% better than the general population, which in turn translated into a 27.6% increase in conversion rates overall. Due to the experiment’s success, the team went on to create a camouflaged version of the website for every one of its audiences based on their preferred category.

What were the main takeaways from working together? 

Philipp: I have never worked so closely with a technology provider. And while Dynamic Yield’s platform is incredibly sophisticated and robust, its user interface has somehow managed to be super intuitive. And the platform is always evolving. But what makes the biggest difference over other vendors is that we have been made to feel as though we are partners, not just an account number on an invoice.

Anoop: For some customers, who are just beginning their journey with personalization, Dynamic Yield plays a massive role in educating teams about the field, best practices, and how to effectively leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. But in other cases, like with Chal-Tec, the team brings a sophistication that expands our own knowledge and we end up learning so much more about all of the potential opportunities Dynamic Yield has yet to tap – that’s truly is a rewarding experience.   

If you want to learn more about how personalisation and Multi-channel campaigns can impact your business, download the case study here.

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