The Leading Customer Engagement Practices Roundtable. How to boost loyalty and retention in retail.

24th February 2021 11:00 am UK Time

When brands move their business online, they need to find meaningful ways to engage with customers. Whether they’re shopping online or in person consumer expectations don’t change. Today, 7.1 million retailers like you are selling their products online. How can you understand what drives your customers to make that purchase or build loyalty with them? By listening for the right signals, focusing on the human connection, and embracing empathy over aggressive tactics, retailers can drive higher retention and set the bar for stronger customer/brand relationships. Join our session as we discuss the tactics that really work to increase retention and which actions retailers should take to drive loyalty.



Let’s talk about:

  • How to connect with customers in a changing landscape
  • The power of humanised marketing communications
  • Use case examples
  • How to support customer engagement goals with the latest technology

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