The Action Inspiring Content Roundtable

23rd February 2021 11:00 am UK Time

In a visually dominant business like eCommerce pictures and videos make or break a customers impression of a company. In this roundtable we discuss the metrics and the solutions that help businesses to create and share photos and videos that people care about. If you want to discuss how to improve, measure and predict performance of your visual outreach join a group of your peers.


  • What kind of content inspires audience action?
  • Create engagement on social media channels
  • Convert via social shopping
  • Convert on-site / ecommerce
  • What are the best strategies for integrating social media with ecommerce to create a seamless experience?
  • What is trending across industries in terms of content, and how can brands tap into and leverage insights like this?
  • What are the current best practices for creating a truly omnichannel digital strategy?

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