The Managing freight cost volatility roundtable – now, and into the future.

23rd March 2021 10:00 am UK Time

Freight cost volatility has hit all-time highs in the past few months, denting product profitability and making it much harder to reliably fulfil demand. As rates soared up to 6 times usual levels in some lanes, businesses were forced to make tough decisions: shipping at great cost to ensure sales, or else cutting back on product volume and variety to preserve their financial health.

But is this cost volatility a short-term blip, or should supply chain leaders start planning for longer term changes in costs? And what are the trade-offs that come with re-evaluating your supply chain for resilience?



  • The different kinds of cost volatility you need to plan for in the future
  • What you need to build absolute cost visibility in your network
  • The balance between cost-efficiency and resilience in supply chain
  • How to move from an ‘agile-but-fragile’ supply chain to one that can deliver both agility and resilience


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