What is the route out of excel hell and towards a customer focused omnichannel product experience?  

25th May 2021 2:30 pm BST

Keeping product data coherent and accessible across all marketing channels is a massive challenge. Especially during seasonal or occasion oriented product launches where sales data can get misplaced or overlooked. The growing scope of omnichannel outreach intensifies this problem, especially for retailers with multiple e-shops with different catalogues and objectives. Research shows that the product experience on offer has the biggest impact on a retailers overall CX Index score and conversion rate. The right definition of attributes, channels and fields increase ease of use, for example offering the ability to automatically convert measurement units for different countries.



  • Why can outdated or non existent marketing data processes only lead to chaos?
  • How to maintain and streamline the data flow in each department?
  • What is the route out of excel hell and putting your focus on customer experience?
  • Which digital channels do you prioritise and where to begin?

Meet the Host

How does the digital roundtable work?


Savant roundtables are peer-led discussions held under Chatham House rules that allow eCommerce and digital marketing professionals to connect and benchmark with their peers. Participants share their insights and brainstorm solutions to common problems.

The session will be a 60minute digital discussion with no more than 8 retailers. The topic will be chosen by us based on the research we have done with our participants.

There is no need to prepare a presentation or any documents. We encourage active participation, but you may get as involved in the discussion as you like.

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