Why is now the perfect time for Spanish retailers to embrace modern omnichannel outreach?

6th May 2021 09:00 am CET

This roundtable will be conducted in Spanish. Esta mesa redonda se llevará a cabo en español.

Customer needs and expectations continue to evolve. For example 69% would prefer to use their phone than in-store employees for customer service.

Traditional Spanish retailers are struggling to keep up with changing consumer demand and behaviour. A seamless, personalised experience has become an important part of the retail eco-system. Yet Periscope finds 78% of Spanish retailers have no one brand experience across channels.

And now as retail opens back up without restrictions across Spain this is the perfect opportunity to discuss how retail must change and adapt to new digital realities to be successful.


  • Why Retailers are struggling to deliver omnichannel shopping experiences.
  • How to reach customers through their preferred mode of communication to build trust and loyalty.
  • How to Reinvent In-Store Shopping post Covid to increase sales.
  • How to upgrade real time and customer-centric service.


How does the digital roundtable work?

Savant roundtables are peer-led discussions held under Chatham House rules that allow eCommerce and digital marketing professionals to connect and benchmark with their peers. Participants share their insights and brainstorm solutions to common problems.

The session will be a 60minute digital discussion with no more than 8 retailers. The topic will be chosen by us based on the research we have done with our participants.

There is no need to prepare a presentation or any documents. We encourage active participation, but you may get as involved in the discussion as you like.

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