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Savant eCommerce Berlin 2023

On a post-pandemic planet, people are looking to the eCommerce industry for connection, for leadership and for meaning. With environmental and data concerns at the forefront, conscious consumers are voting with their wallets and choosing the most progressive companies with the most competitive UX, the most innovative CX and the most empathetic understanding of the value of data and privacy.

How can companies navigate the minefields of regulation and consumer behavior, and ride the new technological wave into the age of AI-powered ecommerce? Let Savant eCommerce Berlin act as an accelerator to a more dynamic and joined up future. Meet with the key players, learn from the early innovators, and collaborate with tech leaders from our world-class guestlist of VIP speakers and delegates.

Savant eCommerce Berlin will equip you with the best tools, the most relevant case studies, and the right connections to build a better future.

Savant Events provide the best boutique eCommerce conferences in Europe, and Savant eCommerce Berlin is not to be missed!

  • Post pandemic eCommerce excellence plans – lessons learned from the pandemic and how companies have survived
  • CO2 footprint of Ecommerce
  • Looking to the future: How AI is used for personalisation for eCommerce and maintaining relationships
  • Omnichannel – the crossover between brick and mortar to eCommerce
  • How to build a robust business to cope with supply chain issues
  • Solutions for data tracking – cookie-less tracking