Savant eCommerce Munich 2023

Savant welcomes you to our first ever eCommerce conference here in the capital of Bavaria – Munich! Savant eCommerce Munich, joins our established Berlin event as part of our German portfolio and brings together the top eCommerce leaders in Bavaria and the surrounding DACH areas for an interactive, network and discussion focussed event that will feature high-level presentations from the leading retailers and allow the DACH eCommerce community to thrive more than ever before. We at Savant are proud to be adding Munich to our growing portfolio and are determined to bring you the absolute highest quality content and networking opportunities that we are renowned for.

Our case study presentations, interactive panel discussions and roundtables will focus on the dominating issues and challenges you are coming up against in a world of uncertainty caused by rises in inflation and distribution costs due to the Ukraine/Russia conflict, the constantly moving changes in terms of omnichannel strategies, whether to use marketplaces and third parties effectively or transition to D2C marketing and how to continue personalizing a customers journey despite the data restrictions now in place. We look forward to hosting you in Munich and providing you with the opportunity to share ideas and lessons learned to best overcome the various challenges you face going forwards!