Recent Round Tables Sessions

6th May 2021 09:00 am CET

This roundtable will be conducted in Spanish. Esta mesa redonda se llevará a cabo en español.

Why is now the perfect time for Spanish retailers to embrace modern omnichannel outreach?

Customer needs and expectations continue to evolve. For example 69% would prefer to use their phone than in-store employees for customer service.
29th April 2021 9:00 am CET

Why do all the work yourself? Users can generate their own content!

What is the best marketing tool for a retailer’s products if not user-generated content (UGC) and influencer creative. In fact, 73% of consumers feel more confident about purchasing from brands that use UGC, and 75% of consumers report that brands using UGC are more authentic than those that do not.
31th March 2021 4:30 pm CET

How do you find the right balance between personalisation and intrusion?

Time is a limited resource in e-Commerce. Customers are evermore demanding and the competition is getting ever stronger.
30th March 2021 9:00 am UK Time

How many communication channels have you used today to make a sale?

You want your customers to get the best impression of your business as possible on as many channels as possible.
23rd March 2021 10:00 am UK Time

The Managing freight cost volatility roundtable – now, and into the future

You want your customers to get the best impression of your business as possible on as many channels as possible.
24th February 2021 11:00 am UK Time

The Leading Customer Engagement Practices Roundtable.

When brands move their business online, they need to find meaningful ways to engage with customers.
23rd February 2021 11:00 am UK Time

The Action Inspiring Content Roundtable

In this roundtable we discuss the metrics and the solutions that help businesses to create and share photos and videos that people care about.
29th October 2020

Order Fulfilment, Warehousing, Last Mile Delivery Round Table

The Covid pandemic was a shock to supply chains everywhere, making many companies unable to meet customer demand.
28th October 2020

Customer Data, Platform, Tracking, Privacy Round Table

Collecting customer data is the best way to understand your customers and to react to their needs and interests.
27th October 2020

Optimisation and AI Round Table

Leaving tedious and mechanical jobs to machines is how humanity has developed to today's living standard.