In these truly unique & challenging times peer led discussions are more important than ever before to understand the true business environment and challenges retailers face.  We have listened to our community and have launched Savant Select - A series of Digital Round Tables which facilitate highly strategic discussions and provide much needed context to your challenges.

All Round Tables operate under Chatham House rules and are strictly restricted to the 10 best participants. Applications to participate on the Round Tables can be made via our website.

Note* - We understand that currently there are long waiting lists for some of the Round Tables. We will be adding more sessions in the coming weeks to provide you more avenues.

The topics of the roundtables are chosen after profiling all participants and highlighting the pressing pain points. These critical challenges become the framework for the discussion as it proceeds wherever the participants take it.


In order to keep the discussion focused and orderly an experienced moderator will have the authority to guide the discussion.


The participants for each roundtable are hand chosen by Savant Events from our exclusive database of eCommerce professionals.


The necessary qualifications to join are experience, speaking ability and an open mindset.

Upcoming Sessions

Recent Round Tables Sessions