Alexander Handcock

Head of Growth Marketing


Born to English-German parents in a Welsh village with the longest name in Europe, Alex has made it his mission to keep marketing and communication straightforward and concise. A political scientist by trade, Alex began his career working on content marketing projects for the German Foreign Office, but soon found the lure of Marketing & Tech too great and switched to a creative agency role, developing multichannel campaigns for global brands such as Microsoft, Allianz and AMD.
Following a brief stint heading up Marketing and PR at German telco tech start-up tyntec, Alex was recruited by Selligent Marketing Cloud six years ago, where he was part of the core leadership team that rapidly grew the business in Northern Europe. A regular speaker at marketing conferences throughout Europe, the bilingual Brit-German is currently focusing his energy on driving Selligent Marketing Cloud’s rapid growth by running the global content, creative and production team in his role as Senior Global Marketing Director.