Dr. Simon Moore

Consumer Psychologist & CEO


Simon is a Chartered Business and Consumer Psychologist and managing partner with the award winning psychological insight and behaviour change consultancy, Innovationbubble (www.innovationbubble.eu). Simon and his psychology team have worked with well-known entertainment brands (BBC, Universal, CH4 etc) as well as global brands (Fedex, Ted Baker, HSBC, RBS, Microsoft, Sony, Deutsch Bank, Aviva, HTC, Insurance, Ericsson, SonyMusic, TalkTalk, Virgin Atlantic, Bupa, Microsoft, Unilever, Roche etc), in relation to behaviour change (onboarding, trust, retention, online vs offline brand consistency etc). Simon is an author and regularly presents at international conferences on the psychology of emotion and communication. He has acted as an advisor to the UK and US government.. He regularly appears on the TV and radio and in the press discussing consumer psychology and behavioural intervention.