Jade Goldsmith

Senior UX Copywriter and Team Lead


Originally from Rhode Island, USA, Jade relocated to Amsterdam four years ago with two heavy suitcases and a dose of fear. Ready for an adventure, she started a job as the sole Copywriter at a small travel startup. After falling in love with the city, she was ready for a new challenge. She took a job at Booking.com and has been there ever since. It was an opportunity to mix her background in Behavioral Neuroscience and psychology with words and travel. Today, she is a Senior UX Copywriter and Team Lead leading a team of six writers within the Pricing Department. The department is responsible for both B2B and B2C products across both web and app platforms. Jade believes that no matter the product, audience or platform, focus on the user experience will contribute to long-term growth and user loyalty. She works together with her team to put the user first, write responsibly and bring the Booking.com brand to life.