Since 2018, Fabrick has served as a focal point for continuous innovation for its clients, including businesses, fintech companies, and banks. Through an open-platform model, Fabrick simplifies the value chain for companies with easily integrable Open Finance solutions. It enables entities of any sector and size to incorporate digital financial services into their offerings with a rapid time to market, allowing them to seize new business opportunities or enhance their customers’ experience. Fabrick has formed affiliations with innovative entities such as Axerve, Codd&Date, Dpixel, Judopay, Vipera Iberica, and Fintech District – the international reference community for the industry in Italy, with over 280 associated fintech companies. Fabrick operates internationally, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Biella, London, Dubai, Madrid, and Zurich. To learn more, visit https://www.fabrick.com.