eCommerce with videos is much better. TVPage integrates videos into your sales funnel.
Created in San Diego, California, by digital media and eCommerce specialists, in the last 5 years TVPage has been helping American companies like Macy’s, Autozone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Motorola, and Samsonite, to name a few, to dramatically increase sales conversion using videos created by the companies themselves or by ambassadors.

* TVPage automatically generates a video catalog for your company that become discoverable on search engines for all of your matching product search terms, so that buyers can see the videos on your domain and under your control, not anywhere else.

* TVPage automatically enriches your e-commerce product and category pages with the shoppable product videos.

* TVPage allows you to multiply the numbers of ambassadors and videos generated by them, and you can manage them all with our AMBASSADORS module on TVPage console.

* TVPage allows you to control ambassadors and influencers who have a REAL influence on your sales, and reward them for the