Brands in the Digital Era

As digital commerce advances, marketing departments become increasingly responsible for driving conversions. Performance is often measured by short term, conversion-related KPIs, and a tension is creating between revenue generation and brand-building activities. On the flip side, the role of the brand is shifting in the digital era as brand equity plays a changing role in cost-per-acquisition, in online rankings, and is also subject to algorithms and other black-box activities. To throw a further spanner in the works, customer loyalty is changing in an environment of increased sales periods, heightened competition and endless offers. As such, the brand can not be stagnant – it needs to evolve and redefine itself in a digital era where it is both subject to the challenges and opportunities of digital commerce as well as be a driving force for opportunities and relationships in the digital era.

If you’d like to grapple with this complex topic and learn from other brands and retailers about how they perceive the role of the brand in the digital era, where brand equity will play an important role and where its role will decline, and how you can balance branding activities with conversion-related marketing to stay ahead of the pack, then join one of our digital roundtables.