Paving the way with Big Data

According to a 2017 NVP study, only 37% of companies that are working towards being data-driven are achieving this successfully. This, despite 85% of companies following a data-driven strategy. How do you use big data in a smarter way and achieve a strong a sustainable data-driven approach to retail? What are the possibilities available to businesses that use their data correctly? How do you know where the line between data quantity and data quality lies? The possibilities in data are endless, especially when it lends itself to other technologies like IoT, AI, and and stock management. Many retailers are exploring how to optimise their data usage, create durable data pyramids, and harness the potential that using big data smarter offers.

Learn how retailers from different verticals are using data in a smarter way to optimise customer experience, to get a 360 degree view of their customers, to control stock and to exceed fulfilment expectations in an increasingly demanding environment.

Going Data-Driven: The journey from being a product-driven to data-driven startup in the Nordics – Michael Gegerfeldt, Founder and Business Developer, at Savant eCommerce Stockholm

Building a business case for supply chain automation – John Munnelly, Head of Operations, John Lewis at the Savant Supply Chain Congress Amsterdam