Seamless customer experiences from the first click to the last mile

Does a frictionless customer journey really matter that much? According to the Aberdeen Group, it could be the difference between making bank or going bust. The group reports that organisations with a poor omnichannel strategy retain just 33% of customers. Brands with effective omnichannel engagement programmes keep 89% of customers.

Retailers have to continuously work on reducing the friction that customers experience along their journey. From a customer’s perspective, there is no distinction between channels and phases of the customer journey, compared to the retailer’s perspective in which each channel and phase of the customer journey is understood and managed differently. Retailers therefore have to work towards a fluid transition between channels – both online and offline – and to allow for a seamless path from discovery to purchase and beyond. Many retailers are exploring innovative ways of reducing friction across touchpoints in the customer journey, between channels, and especially in the purchase and post-purchase phases of the journey. Payment needs to be simple and delivery and returns need to be effortless and convenient.

Learn more from leading European retailers on how they are reducing friction along the customer journey at the following talks:

“What do democracy and omnichannel have in common? Both drive you to become what the people want you to be!” — Nils Radstrom (Mister Spex), Will Lockie (Georg Jensen), Nate Travers (Happy Socks), Morten Hellesøe Poulsen (Plytix) & Pelle Pettersson (Bonnier News) at Savant eCommerce Stockholm.

“Creating one buying experience”- Learnings along the way – Johan Lidenmark, Chief Digital officer, Intersport at Savant eCommerce Stockholm

Using ‘supply chain integration’ as a competitive differentiator – Paul Rogowski, Chief Operating Officer, Lamoda at the Savant Supply Chain Congress Amsterdam