1st Party Data Webinar: How You Can Turn 1st Party Data Into Actionable Customer Intelligence

28th May 2020 : 10:00am (BST)

Data and identity have been top of mind for more than a decade in the marketing ecosystem – but where does it stand today and how will it change amidst current market challenges? Brand marketers’ obsession still lies on 1st party data – and with the cookie-less future an imminent reality, brands will hold on to it tighter than ever before.


Take a step closer to unleashing real customer intelligence from your data today.






This lively webinar session will show how you can unleash real customer intelligence from your 1st party data, while keeping security and privacy top of mind. You will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate the power of enriched 1st party data to better understand your customers
  • Develop ongoing data strategies that feed your machine learning and propensity models to increase customer value and reduce churn
  • Build an identity resolution strategy that is not cookie-dependent
  • Successfully transform from marketing based on past historical analysis to marketing based on predictive analysis

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