Building up Customer Lifetime Value Panel Webinar by Unbxd

30th July 2020 : 11:00am (BST)

It is a sign of the times that shoppers are increasingly moving online for essential purchases. In order to take advantage of this move your eCommerce website must offer a truly hassle-free buying experience. Join our webinar as we discuss in an expert panel discussion how AI-driven improvements to your search function can increase your bottom line.


Make your customers lives easier by making their searches smoother and more relevant to to them in order to increase customer lifetime value.




Join our webinar to deepen your knowledge on how you can use AI, ML and NLP to:

  • Provide more contextual and relevant on-site search to quickly let your customers find
    their desired product
  •  Present a seamless and hassle-free onsite shopping experience with a shortened path
    to purchase
  •  Convert casual shoppers to repeat buyers with increased lifetime value

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