Embracing Agile Webinar: Thriving Through Fulfilment Agility

24th June 2020 : 11:00am (BST)

Adapt your business to scale your fulfilment efforts and drive revenue – fast.


Many retail businesses have been affected by at least one of the following issues recently:

  • Loss of revenue due to blocked sales channels and inadequate online operations
  • Dormant stock in stores and distribution centres
  • Inability to consistently fulfil online orders due to last mile challenges

Concerns around fulfilment and inventory management are more important than ever before. So, how can you prepare for the time when you’ll open your doors again – to move more inventory, deliver faster and drive vital revenue?



We have all heard stories about businesses struggling to survive – but what about the success stories?




In this webinar, Rob and Paul will showcase examples of retailers and brands that are embracing agility to thrive in today’s market. You will pick up a host of tips and tricks, enabling you to:

  • Get a complete, accurate and real-time view of your inventory to flexibly and reliably fulfil orders
  • Turn on or off fulfilment modes such as contact-free pick up and ship from store within days
  • Minimise “out of stock frustration” by managing your inventory more securely to avoid oversupply or undersupply
  • Keep customers coming back and increase your margins with a more streamlined customer journey and faster order fulfilment

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