Tracking without Cookies: Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations via real time Feedback

27th August 2020 : 11:00am (BST)

The demise of the cookie is moving forward worldwide. Yet knowing as much as you can about your customers is still a major factor of success in online retail. In this edition of Savant talks you can learn how to respond to your customers needs, by simply asking them what they want. Your CX must meet and surpass their expectations and here you can learn how that is possible.




Our expert panel of speakers will show how you can:

  • Use real-time feedback to know what your customers really want
  • Support your consumers as they adapt to the ‘new normal’ of working from home while taking care of loved ones
  • Make your customers’ online shopping experiences as straightforward and delightful as possible, at a time when virtual queues and sold out products are becoming the status quo
  • Ensure your brand maintains transparency and trust during this unprecedented period

Meet the Speakers