Transforming online experiences through AI.

Let’s make shopping simple and satisfying in 2021.

9th February – 11 am UK time


Find out in our On-Demand webinar:

  • Ecommerce experiences that rely on keyword matches and lexical relationships fail to understand consumer goals and provide exhausting, painful shopping experiences. Heavy search and merchandising rule curation can help deliver results, however, relevant to the curator and not always the customer.  Many commerce sites need to be thankful for the tenacity of online shoppers powering through to conversion.

  • Online shopping experiences don’t need to be painful.  Powering product discovery with AI and ML is finally easy and streamlined. The days of time consuming and reactive rule curation solutions can now finally be gone.

  • Eliminate the customer’s struggle and accelerate the path to purchase. Understand customer’s goals throughout their journey to deliver more comprehensive and contextually relevant products. With a balanced approach, AI and merchandisers can deliver amplified impact on conversion and AOV.

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