About Us

A Savant is a person who possesses extraordinary capacity in a specific field, enabling them to influence the present and shape the future. Savant Events was formed with this as our core philosophy - we envisioned a new type of event where the Savants meet in creative environments to share ideas and experiences that can propel change.

So what’s behind the amazing growth of Savant Events? An events company with a difference: one that prioritises long term quality over short term gains; slow-forged personal connections over the anonymity typical of mass events and team solidarity over competitive culture. Savant's events are all the more compelling for founders Sophie Tafel and Bilal Kapadia's professional experience beyond event-planning. With combined career experiences spanning industries (from culture, politics and business entrepreneurship) and continents, they brought fresh ideas to the event field.

We have established one of Europe’s leading e-commerce and supply chain boutique event series. With conferences in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, London, Stockholm and Copenhagen we cater to the most thriving e-commerce markets in Europe. At Savant we believe in building a community of top retailers and vendors by providing them a unique opportunity to meet the best prospect in an organised and highly interactive environment.

With a huge success in The UK and Europe region, we’re launching our first ever eCommerce USA and Canada event this year, meaning that by 31st December we’ll have put together a total of eleven incredible events in just twelve months. But quantity doesn’t mean skimping on quality.

Each of our events is painstakingly curated with the care typical to everything we produce. This means a lengthy research phase complete with in-depth interviews with thought-leaders; a delegate list where we know each and every one of the delegates by name and have an existing relationship with our guests and locations that will take your breath away. So come and see for yourself — we can’t wait to meet you in person.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics have been at the heart of our business from the beginning. One of our key principles on founding the company was not to deal with industries which ruin the planet or corrode society. We also resolved to support charities from the very first event, even before we’d begun to make a profit. You can find a few of the charities we have supported to the right.


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