Parcel Monitor: E-Commerce Logistics in Germany

(Image Source: Parcel Monitor)

The pandemic has accelerated Germany’s e-commerce growth, as evident by the influx of online shopping amongst German consumers, particularly the younger folks aged between 16 to 29. In 2021 itself, Germany’s e-commerce gross sales increased by 19% since 2020 to a whopping €99.1 billion.

As we approach the new normal, how has Germany’s state of e-commerce changed in the past year or so? Our media partner, Parcel Monitor, has the latest insights into this and here are the main highlights from this market analysis: 

  • Domestic parcels in Germany had an average transit time of 1.3 days in 2021.  
  • 61.9% of international shipments to Germany came from the Netherlands, Austria and Poland. 
  • 94.5% of domestic parcels in Germany were successfully delivered on the first attempt.

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